50 & 85 TON ROTATORS               

Trans Tech has gone BIGGER since purchasing a 50-ton Mack Rotator wrecker early 2010. We now have a Kenworth, T800, 85-ton rotator. There are only 2 this large in Virginia, and only 20 in the whole USA, with this one being the only one on the I81 corridor. Again in 2016 we added another rotator to our fleet, a 60 ton. With perfect techniques, our highly trained operators are ready at a drop of the hat to bring this big boy out for recovery work. This massive machine is the most unique piece of equipment in the entire Shenandoah Valley. These trucks make our jobs much safer, quicker, and easier. This truck also gives us the ability to do industrial hauling and lifting. If you go by at night, you may catch a glimpse at the flames; they are reflective and look AWESOME!!!




     Damage-free vertical lifts
     Up-hill inclines
     Over guard rails
     Off top of guard rails
     No road closures
     Side and front lifting
     Damage free lifts
     Over culverts
     Over high curbs
     Lift from over a bridge
     Deck and undeck trailers or trucks

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